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Jobs Kim Kardashian Is More Qualified for than Glendale Mayor

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Kim Kardashian inspired ridicule from all corners of the internet with this clip, in which she told her sister Khloe about her five-year plan to become the mayor of Glendale, CA. Kim doesn’t actually live in the Los Angeles suburb with a large Armenian population, but she has plenty of time to establish residency.

While the socialite and reality star does have several businesses to her name, we doubt her international lifestyle would mix well with the banality of city council politics. However, Kim never let her lack of experience or talent stop her from releasing a single or acting in movies. That got us thinking, what is Kim actually more qualified for than small town mayor? Here’s the short list:

  • “Writer”: Kim could follow in the path of novelist and Forbes columnist Lauren Conrad, who used her reality fame to launch a successful “writing” career.
  • Chief of Staff For Glendale City Councilman: Guess who didn’t laugh at the idea of Kim entering local politics? Former Glendale Mayor and current Councilman Ara Najarian, who offered Kim a job on his staff to help her “get acquainted to Glendale.”
  • NBA Talent Scout: Do we really need to say more?
  • Ambassador to Canada: She’s no more qualified for this position than town mayor, but why not let our neighbors to the north take her off our hands for a year or two? If nothing else, it sounds like a Kardashian reality spinoff we’d actually watch.

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