Interview with YouTube sensation Karmin

Get to Know YouTube’s Dynamic Duo

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YouTube has made many a legend. Psy. Obama Girl. Sneezing Panda. Charlie the Biter. Chris Crocker. And of course cats. Lots and lots of cats.

But the video we keep watching on replay? Karmin’s Acapella.

The electro pop duo grabbed fame with a slew of covers of Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj that quickly went viral. The unique pair later broke out on their own with their first original album Hello. Now they’re back with Acapella a catchy, lyrically amusing must-hear that touches on everything from the Olive Garden to gluten-free diets to the art of living solo.

We chatted with Amy and Nicholas on their musical influences, their YouTube success, and Amy’s signature style. Check it out:

You guys have become what seems like an overnight sensation. We love your music. How did you get started?
Nick: Overnight success usually takes five to 10 years! Karmin, as a duo, is new, we only started three years ago. So, while Karmin is accelerated, both Amy and I have been musicians for a while. We met at Berklee in Boston and got our start on YouTube. Fast forward to today and we have our newest single, Acapella, out, which is now available on iTunes.

Do you think finding success on YouTube has changed your lives/career/music?
Amy: Definitely, YouTube has made a huge impact on our lives. It’s the new way to get discovered. Unless you know somebody, you can’t just send a tape to a record label and see success. We didn’t know anybody, so we used YouTube to build our fan base and continue to use it as a platform today.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Amy: Brandi, No Doubt, Lauryn Hill
Nick: Pharrell, Dr. Dre, Coldplay, Beatles

We know you recently partnered with Tone Body Wash. Why should we start using it?
Amy: You should start using it because it smells amazing! We have used it for awhile so when they called us and asked us to be a part of the Tone Turn It Up! series, it was a natural fit. Plus, they are supporting our music. By visiting the Tone Facebook page, fans can enter for a chance to win cool prizes, like backstage passes.
Nick: Also, Amy is super picky when it comes to body wash, so if she is using it, you should too!

Amy — you are the cutest! These next questions are for you! How would you describe your style?
Amy: Mixture of retro, hip hop and monochromatic.

What’s your go to warm weather outfit consist of?
Amy: High-waisted shorts, crop top and maybe some type of hat or beanie.

What’s your biggest summer fashion don’t?
Amy: I think it’s tacky to walk around in a swim suit.

Do you wear a lot of makeup? Do you have a signature look?
Amy: I do wear a lot of makeup for stage because I like my features to stand out. My signature look is a cat eye, big lashes and bright lip.

Now that summer is here, we must ask: to tan or not to tan?
Amy: I actually just bought some self tanner yesterday and giving it a try! So far it’s been good. I’m really pale and try not to tan. I would say give self tanner a try and definitely wear sunscreen.

How do you change your beauty routine when the temperature rises?
Amy: When the temperature rises, I drink a lot more water. I also carry oil blotters, which matte down the face, and use a lot of dry shampoo. Because of sweat, you want to stay looking fresh!

Our hair always get fried in the sun. Any tips to keeping our locks looking lush?
Amy: If I’m in the sun a lot, I think it’s important to use a hair oil or mask at night to add moisture to your locks. I really like Moroccan oil, but there are so many oils out now, it’s about finding what works best for you. You can also try spray-in treatments, which help strengthen hair while you sleep.

What’s the one beauty product you cannot live without?
Nick: Lipstick (laughs)
Amy: Probably true! Even if you leave the house with no makeup on, if you put on red lipstick, youat least look a little put together.

OK, this one is for both of you. Who is your celebrity crush (we won’t tell…OK we will…but tell us anyway)?
Amy: Denzel Washington
Nick: Kristen Wiig

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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