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Jumping for Joy

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Remember the carefree days of elementary school? When the only thing you needed to worry about, other than your cootie shot, was what game you were going to play at recess? If you spent your playground time singing “Cinderella dressed in yellow,” then we have a cardio-blasting workout that will take you back to your third-grade roots.

Punk Rope is old school recess meets bootcamp. It combines punk music and rope jumping with relay races, fitness games, and creative calisthenics. We spoke with Punk Rope founder Tim Haft, and once you hear the benefits this workout offers, you will be jumping for joy (no cheesy pun intended…OK, maybe it was intended a little).

It’s a total body exercise: Punk Rope targets most major muscle groups including calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, pectorals, deltoids, biceps, and abs.

It’s not all about the calories burned: Although students can burn up to 600 calories a class, the other fitness benefits are equally important. Classes challenge your balance and coordination to improve endurance, speed, power, and agility.

Don’t fear the rope; it’s way easier to learn than you might think. Start slow and jump no more than a few minutes each day. Once a beginner nails the coordination, the rest is a piece of cake. And if you ate a piece of cake, it’s a great way to burn it off.

Classes are taught nationwide and if you haven’t jumped rope since your recess days, Tim has created a few instructional videos on YouTube.

For those of you who can’t make it to a class, their DVD Rope Jumping for Maximum Fitness is now available in the Punk Rope shop.

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