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Jessica Alba Gets Honest

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She’s best known for kicking ass in movies like Sin City and Fantastic Four. But nowadays Jessica Alba is a part of her own Fantastic Four with hubby Cash Warren and daughters Honor and Haven, and the only ass she kicks is that of household toxins!

Yup, the gorgeous mommy is one of the founders of The Honest Company, which is devoted to providing safe, non-toxic products for a happy and healthy home. We chatted with her about the eco-friendly line a while back, and caught back up with her to learn more about her new book, The Honest Life!

What was the concept behind The Honest Company and The Honest Life?
The concept really was high performance, beautiful designs, designed affordable, and then obviously non-toxic. I feel like the modern family, the modern woman expects the products to not only be high-performance, but obviously non-toxic. We never expect it to affect our health. And when I found out that conventional products in the market place had all of these toxic chemicals in them that could lead to harmful things from allergies, asthma, learning disabilities, endocrine disrupters, hormonal disrupters, cancers…I was just like, “this is nuts!”…The book really breaks down the toxic chemicals that are in everything from your household cleaning detergents to your beauty products, to fabrics, to furnishings, to paint, flooring or anything that will off-gas, and how to avoid them and how to make better choices.

Our editor-in-chief at FabFitFun, Katie, just had her first baby, actually…

We will tell her you said that! So, if there was one product, what would be the first one that she should get as a new mom?
There’s not just one product that you need as a new mom…[but] certainly the diapering is a big thing. Because she’s going to be changing the baby all day long. And the mattress because the baby spends really the first year of their life they spend most of their life sleeping. And you want to make sure that they have a safe place to sleep. So either invest in a natural mattress — and usually they’re more expensive so if you can’t swing for that (or if you got one at your baby shower or one handed down) put a non-toxic mattress cover over it to make sure that your baby doesn’t get any of the off-gassing from the [plastic flilling in the] mattress.

What is your typical beauty routine and your exercise and fitness routine?
I should have a better answer for the fitness routine. It’s really inconsistent. I wish it was more consistent. I have good intentions but I keep falling short. Um, and then beauty: I drink water, I try to get sleep. I don’t sleep as much as I should. Drink plenty of water, wash your face at night. And I think as far as colored cosmetics go…I found that it was really challenging to found reds, and oranges, and pinks — strong pigments that didn’t have lead. But I found them, and they’re in the book!

Do you eat carbs?
Ya, (as I’m adjusting my belt) Um ya, I do. I really should lower my intake. But y’know if you eat whole foods and whole grains, that’s good. I try to make like a big pot of legumes and grains on the weekend. And then I kind of sprinkle it throughout their meals throughout the week and our meals as well so we can have salads, or we can have it as a side dish, or we can add pasta to it.

And as a busy mom, what does it take to stay organized?
Labeling and organizing, and even picking out my clothes and the kids’ clothes out at night. So in the morning we can just get it done. And I can tell my husband to go get them dressed and have them not walk out in some crazy outfit. Because my daughter, especially my 4-year-old, y’know will wear whatever kind of craziness and I’m like, “that is not weather appropriate, even.” “She can’t wear sandals with tights, when it’s raining outside — what’s going on?! Tights are not pants!” and he’s like, “But they’re thick,” and I’m like, “Right, but they’re tights. They’re not pants!…oi vey.” So if you pick it out the night before, it’s all good.

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