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Why This Season’s Bachelor Is Our All-Time Favorite

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Remember that moment when you found out that Juan Pablo was going to be the new Bachelor and you were all:

Ya, you and every other hot-blooded single lady in the U.S. According to Chris Harrison (and we know he would never lie to us), more women applied to this season of The Bachelor than ever before, just for a chance with the hotness that is Juan Pablo. Based on what we saw last week, there are definitely some diamonds in the rough. (And we’re not using the term “rough” lightly.) As always, there are some crazies that make us say:

Because Juan Pablo is a total dreamboat, in our opinion, he deserves the best. Hailing from Venezuela, his uh-dorable accent, tanned skin, and abs are only part of the charm (OK…most).

But along with his undeniable good looks is the fact that he’s a total goofball. On Desiree’s season we saw him woo her in a cowboy get-up, and hand-feed her popcorn in a hay barrel.

We also saw his impressive dancing skills when he was the frontman of The Bachelor Boys. OK, we made that name up, but they did make a music video with a rap. And let’s be honest, if they were a group, he would be the Justin Timberlake.

Along with being funny, cute, and wildly attractive, Juan Pablo is also a former pro soccer player, who still works in the industry and enjoys spending time with his daughter, Camila. (P.S. She is out-of-this-world adorable.) We’re rooting for Juan to find another special gal in his life. But if not, maybe we could be the Juan.


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