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Humpday Hottie: Stephen Amell

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If you’re like us, for weeks now you’ve been swooning over the man with the abs on the Arrow ads. Oh yes, the CW’s new show is the hottest program on TV, and we’re not talking about the ratings!

Super sexy Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen in the action-drama which premieres tonight! As a playboy billionaire turned archery-loving vigilante, we’re expecting plenty of bulging biceps, chiseled abs, and shirtless chase scenes (after all, who can really chase a bad guy with their shirt on?).

We’ve had small tastes of the Canadian actor in shows like Private Practice, New Girl, and True Blood, but now we get the whole slice of Canadian bacon! The 6-foot-1, blue-eyed beaute brings the classic Green Arrow comic character to the screen, and has even had extensive archery training to perfect his form for the show.

But let’s be honest, we don’t care what kind of form he uses as long as we get to watch him grip that bow, pull that arrow, and aim straight for our heart!

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