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Humpday Hottie: Josh Duhamel

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Just when your tears had finally dried from watching Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, and Channing Tatum in Dear John, along comes Josh Duhamel in a new Nicholas Sparks film adaptation hitting big screens tomorrow. (Someone get us a tissue box please.)

We’re actually surprised that it took this long for the Safe Haven producers to capitalize on the burning hotness that is Mr. Fergie Ferg. The 6-foot-4, tan, über-toned dude is the perfect leading man next to Julianne Hough in the romance mystery film. But he wasn’t always such a Hollywood hunk.

As a kid growing up in North Dakota, Josh was more into getting dirty playing football than making romance movies, and he was even the back-up quarterback in college at Minot State University. Luckily love won in the end, because he moved to California to follow a girlfriend, and next thing you know, BAM! He wound up in Christina Aguilera’s Genie in a Bottle music video!

From there, he took a few acting classes and landed a role as Leo du Pres on All My Children. After that, a stint on NBC’s Las Vegas showed a more rugged side of Josh before he transitioned to the big screen in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton as (who else?), Tad Hamilton. (Umm, and how exactly do we win a date with him?)

Josh then appeared in the blockbuster Transformers series, followed by Life as We Know It, and is now softening up even more by playing a widowed dad of two kids in Safe Haven. He’s also slated to host the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards, which makes us wonder, hey Josh, when are you and the wifey gonna have some little Fergies of your own?!

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