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Humpday Hottie: Joe Manganiello

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You may know Joe Manganiello as Alcide Herveaux, the incredibly sexy werewolf in True Blood with “tree trunk” arms and a deep Southern accent. You may also recognize him as the stripper in Magic Mike who made you freeze midway in the theater while eating your popcorn. Or you can be like one of us and nearly run into a light post while actually spotting him in public. True story.

OK, beyond his undeniably stunning looks, Joe’s sexiness also stems from his unique mix of athleticism and creativity, which is just as important! Here are some “Ha, of course he did” facts about Manganiello that are a must-know!

Joe Manganiello | Scream Awards 2011

He was the captain of the football, basketball, and volleyball teams in high school. This means he not only is a leader but also knows how to work with others. Translation: he’s coordinated, friendly, and respected.

2012 Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Gala

He’s a classically trained actor. Manganiello attended Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama where he studied all styles of acting and received his BFA. We love this fact because it verifies even more that his talent goes beyond his looks.

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He’s alcohol- and smoke-free. Manganiello quit drinking and smoking and said it was an incredible turning point in his life. He’s committed to what he does and his roles require him to be in incredible shape. That takes a lot of self-control and we admire that.

10th Annual Style Awards

Ladies, if we haven’t made you a Joe Manganiello fan yet, here’s proof that he is a real life representation of a fighting gladiator statue. No big deal.

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