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Humpday Halloween Hottie: Dave Annable

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Whether he’s starring as a potential murderer in Reunion, a damaged war vet with a drug problem in Brothers and Sisters, or an aspiring politician living in a demon-haunted apartment building in 666 Park Avenue, Dave Annable always seems to be getting into trouble — a tendency we’d be happy to oblige.

This Halloween, let yourself get scared as you watch his latest character, Henry, get terrorized by creepy ghost kids, possessed apartments, and manipulative friends who may or may not be related to the devil. As if we needed an excuse to (pretend to) jump into his arms!

In spite of his characters, this troublemaker is actually a total sexy sweetie off camera — with emphasis on the sexy. The New York small town native grew up playing baseball, rugby, and hockey and got an early start through cameos and commercials, including an ad for Abercrombie & Fitch (where “super sexy” is an application requirement).

Yet even being named number 7 on People’s 2008 Sexiest Men Alive list didn’t turn this actor into a cocky jock — he’s super close with his family, he’s head over heels for his wife, and he admits to being a serious hugger. Again, we’d be happy to indulge him.

If you still don’t believe us about his incredible level of sexy-sweet, just check out this picture of him with a dog. Warning: viewer discretion is advised. Heart melting can and will occur.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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