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How to Stay Connected with Your Girlfriends After Baby

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Let’s face it, ladies. It’s been a little too long since late-night gallivants to the bar, gossip sessions, and seconds on margaritas, and we all know how great it feels so be surrounded by our besties during times of high stress. But how exactly can you make that happen with bleeding nipples, diaper timetables, and midnight feedings? We’ve got ya covered!

1. Blog: Turn your daily goings-on into your own creative outlet. Blogging is a great way to share your life with your family and friends, no matter how far away they are! Post pictures, funny stories, even your fears and worries. Feel instantly more connected!

2. FaceTime: Can’t steal away an hour (or three) for a quickie drink? No problem. Mobile apps such as FaceTime let you chat and see your friends with the click of a button. Weekly meetups and talks can easily bring you closer to those you love!

3. Rotating Babysitting Nights: Have a lot of gal pals with kids of their own? Feel like no one can ever get away? Establish a rotating babysitting schedule with your girlfriends— one couple will “group” babysit, while the rest of the girls get away for a night, and then the next week, it’s the next mom’s turn. This way, everyone gets to go out, and no one has to pay for a babysitter! Fab!

4. Power Lunch: Instead of working through lunch, truly relish in that hour away from your desk— schedule an alfresco lunch with your best friends. Gossiping over Cobb salads and spritzers? Insta-stress relief! And it’s guilt-free time with your bests!

5. Coordinate Errands: Need to run to the dry cleaners? Have to mail a million packages? Why not combine your dreaded errands with that of your girlfriends’, and kill two birds with one stone? You may even be able to squeeze in that latte you’ve been pining for all morning. :)

With a little planning and extra work, you can definitely maintain friendships, conquer all your responsibilities, and be a super fab mom, all in one! I mean, duh!

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