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How to Raise (Body) Confident Girls

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Perfection is everywhere: on TV, on the radio, on the Internet. Creams and diets and magic drinks promise a world of things, and most importantly, they promise the perfect body. It’s agonizing enough to be bombarded with this as an adult, but young children are seeing the brunt of it. Nearly 80% of 10-year-olds have been on a diet!

So, how do you create a healthy home of loving acceptance? Here are our tips for raising body-confident girls!

1. Smart not pretty: Little girls are especially susceptible to the oh, you’re so pretty! compliments, and while that’s great and wonderful (and, of course, our girls are beautiful!), you don’t only want to compliment their looks, or they’ll come to depend on them as adults. Compliment your little Miss on her school project, on how creative she is, and how much you love to see her happy and trying new things.

2. Banish the self-loathing: Little Miss can’t have a healthy body image if Mommy is always complaining about her looks in the mirror, pinching her belly fat, and jumping on the weeklong no dessert train. It all starts with lovin’ yourself, lady!

3. Embrace a healthy lifestyle: Don’t emphasize diets and workouts. Instead, have your family focus on healthy foods like whole grains, lots of veggies and fruits, and plenty of lean protein. And encourage fun, family-oriented exercise like going to the park, playing Frisbee, or taking a walk around the block. You can also count it as your workout (and extra time with the kids is a thousand times better than the gym on a Sunday night, trust us).

4. Let them open up: Girls’ self-esteem plummets after age 9, and that lack of self-confidence lasts most of adolescence. Let your girls speak their mind, open up about their fears, and share their worries with you. This way, you can discover and solve problems together.

5. Nip it in the bud: Having trashy magazines, less-than-appropriate movies, and unrealistic body expectations in the home is the first place insecurities grow. Get rid of ’em, and feel saner in an instant!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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