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How to Raise a Grateful Child

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Ladies, we know that raising a child in the era of greed and the culture of “more is better” is hard enough, but their selfish ways as children can turn into something nasty as adults! Here’s how to take a step back and create a thankful tot for many more pleasant years to come.

Share the love: By sharing what you’re thankful for with your children, you’re showing gratitude in action. Simple ways to do this are traditions such as expressing what you’re thankful for at the dinner table before meals or counting your blessings each day when tucking the little ones in at night.

Make it crafty: By creating a “thankfulness” chart on the refrigerator, kids will aim to say please and thank you in return for stickers or stars on the chart.

Handmade gratitude: Thank-you cards aren’t just for birthday or holiday gifts anymore; have your children write thank-you notes to teachers for being role models, or to their favorite aunt or uncle for a fun day at the park, etc.

Talk time: Regularly ask your children how they’re feeling, what they’re feeling, and open up their emotions for heart-to-hearts every so often.

Think backward: Have your kids look past the miracle of a television or the seeming simplicity of the refrigerator. Get them thinking of how those items are made, the work and people that went into making them, and the work it takes to buy such things. Hello, gratitude!

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