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How to Get It on with Your Hubby

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Your husband just got home from work, and you both feel like gettin’ frisky. The week is over, the wine is poured…there’s only one issue: The kids are within earshot. So how can you get down and dirty without forking out tons of money for a baby sitter? Here are some (new) ideas for love’s (oldest) game!

• “Mommy has a tummyache”: The quick and dirty method is a tried and true way to ensure pleasure for you both. Draw a bath or simply hop up onto the sink, and your “10-minute tummyache” will be gone before you know it!

• Oldie but a goodie: Throwing a movie on is always a classic. Also, puzzles, board games, or books will definitely keep your little ones occupied for the time being.

• Put ’em to work: Sex and a clean house? Sounds like our idea of heaven. Have the kids wash the car, sweep the kitchen, or vacuum the downstairs. An added bonus is that the vacuum will drown out any unwanted noise!

• Rise and shine!: When all else fails, schedule time for sex in the a.m. Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier for some mom-and-dad time before the kids awake. Like they say, the early bird gets the worm!

Have fun and enjoy!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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