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How to Find the Right Sports Bra

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by the Workout Girl

You may love to run, but your boobs might not be as excited about it as you are. Exercising with the wrong sports bra can cause your breasts to sag or droop over time… so make sure to do some research and pick the right bra to support your rack! tells us how to make sure you’re getting the right support before you buy:

Be a strapping young lady. Before trying on a sports bra, grab the top end of one strap and the center of the bra cup on the same side.  Try to pull the strap upwards, away from the bra cup. If the straps are very stretchy, they won’t be very supportive.  Choose a bra with straps that are hard to pull upward.

Fit it all in. Pull on the top and bottom of each bra cup.  If the cup stretches easily, you will have less motion control.  Choose a bra that has cups that are inflexible if you pull on them.  Next, try on the bra and make sure the cups of the bra cover your entire breast. If you’re showing some accidental side boob, then choose a bra that is a cup size larger.

Seal the deal. Once you are wearing the bra, slide a finger under the band at the bottom of the bra.  If you can pull the bra more than an inch from your chest, then either the bra is not supportive enough for you, or the bra is a size too big.  Next, reach your arms straight overhead.  If the band at the bottom of the bra moves upward, the bra you are trying is probably a size too big.

Now that you have the right sports bra, you’re ready to get sweaty!  Check out for workouts you can do anywhere.


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