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Detox on New Year’s Day

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Come the first day of 2013, we New Yorkers may prefer to lie in bed and sip a Bloody Mary instead of heading to the gym — depending on how amazing your New Year’s Eve was. But instead of laying around all day, make yourself feel better with a fitness class to welcome the new year. Here are four classes to take on Jan. 1 to kickstart your year:

Commitment Day: This 5k — happening in various places all around the country — will take place in New York at Hudson River Park. It’s the perfect way to kick off the new year, considering it’s based on the concept of bringing everyone together to live a healthy life. The race doesn’t begin until 11 a.m., which means you can still sleep in before beginning that sweat sesh.

Soul Cycle: A 45-minute cycling class with weights and core work burns off holiday cookies — and last night’s champagne overload.

Prana Power Yoga: Deep, detoxing twists, downward dogs, and moves done in a heated room will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed for the new year — and help with that hangover.

Core Fusion: We’re not going to lie — an hour of core fusion cardio post-New Year’s Eve is going to be no picnic — but your future toned glutes and rock hard abs are worth getting out of bed for.

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