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How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking Each Day?

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Everyone knows that it’s good to drink a lot of water each day. Water keeps you full and can prevent you from overeating. It’s also a great help for a clear complexion. Not to mention, of course, that you need water to live! (Oh right, there’s that.)

So, how much water should you really be drinking each day? In three easy steps, breaks down how you can determine the amount that is just right for you:

Step 1: Start with your current weight.  A 100-lb. person and a 200-lb. person have different bodies, and have different requirements when it comes to the amount of water that should be consumed.

Step 2: Multiply by two-thirds. This is the baseline recommended amount of ounces of water that you should consume daily.

Step 3: Adjust for any activity or exercise. Add 12 ounces of water to your total for every 30 minutes that you are active in a day.

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