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Excuses Are Like Belly Buttons: Everyone Has One

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by Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential

In the fitness industry, I hear excuses all the time. Today I’m here to tell you this: Excuses are like belly buttons. Everyone has one and none of them are very useful. Here are some excuses I hear all the time:

Excuse: I work 9-5. I am exhausted.
Reality Check: We all work. Everyone is tired from work. Take an hour and force yourself to sweat.

Excuse: I’m way too hungover.
Reality Check: If you want to be a man at night, you gotta be a man in the morning. Besides, sweating helps get rid of that hangover. You’re moving your bod, rather than lying in bed like a beached whale all day.

Excuse: I can’t afford a gym membership.
Reality Check: Fine. Then get to a beach with a friend or download some Internet workouts. Go running. Do a DVD at home. Problem solved!

Excuse: I’m so sore from yesterday’s workout, so I’ll wait a few days to go back to the gym.
Reality Check: Wrong. Cardio actually breaks up the lactic acid, taking away the soreness.

Excuse: I don’t work out on weekends.
Reality Check: Why? Pick a Saturday or Sunday to add to your routine. I’ve never heard anyone say after their workout that they regretted it.

Excuse: I noticed bulk, so I cut back on working out.
Reality Check: Uggggh! I hear this all the time. In the first couple months of starting a workout program you’re going to bulk up. You’re adding muscle to any fat on the body. After a few months the fat falls off, just leaving muscle. Voilà!

Excuse: I am naturally thin; I don’t need to work out.
Reality Check: Working out helps with depression and anxiety, and prevents heart disease. So that’s fantastic that you’re naturally thin; however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work out.

Excuse: I am too busy taking care of the kids.
Reality Check: The kids will probably want you around for a long time, so keep your body in shape. You want to fill your car with the best gas, so fuel your body with the best of the best, too.

Excuse: I’ll do it tomorrow.
Reality Check: Ya, ya, ya. Just do it today.

Excuse: I don’t care if I turn out to be a fat pig. I love my curves! I’m embracing them!
Reality Check: Not so much. Being overweight leads to tons of nasty diseases, so get off the couch, throw away the doughnuts, and go!

Stop making excuses. Eventually, your fitness routine will turn into a habit. No excuses!

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