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Season of Saving

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Forget weight gain, creepy Santas, and dysfunctional families. The most traumatizing thing you’ll witness this holiday season? The January credit card statement.

We’ve tried buying presents early and pinky-swearing friends that we wouldn’t swap gifts, but somehow the spending frenzy always finds us.

Saving money might seem all for naught this year (the world and Twilight saga both end in 2012), but America’s Family Financial Expert Ellie Kay gives us saving tips so easy we had to share them. Follow her simple steps below for a present-filled, debt-free holiday!

Step 1: Spend 15-30 minutes determining your spending plan and getting familiar with the “B word” (budget). Create a list of those you’re buying gifts for and how much you’re spending per person.

Step 2: Realize you can give some people on your list baked goods or even beautiful cards. It’s impossible to buy for all and “nobody will turn down freshly baked cookies.”

Step 3: “Stretch the value of a dollar.” Most companies won’t be forthcoming about discounts so do a little digging. Look at sites like:,,, and Follow/friend companies on Facebook and Twitter to get even more deals.

Step 4: “Double your dollar.” Buy presents in the form of discounted experiences. Visit,,, and to give unforgettable meals, spa experiences, and more!

Step 5: Donate money in your friends’ names. Give gifts that give back. Above all, always remember: “If you can’t afford to pay off an item by the end of the month, it’s not a good deal!”

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