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Let’s be honest: getting in our daily workout can sometimes feel like cruel and unusual punishment. And no, of course that was not us you saw curled up and crying in the corner at Equinox last week. OK, so maybe your eyes did not deceive you, but can you blame us? Unless Zac Efron is on the treadmill next to you, staying motivated can sometimes feel like an uphill battle — especially when you are plagued by a monotonous gym routine. Well, ladies, we think we have found the ultimate answer to fighting gyoredom (our new word for gym boredom, which we made up when we were bored).

But before you start rolling your eyes because you’ve tried every fitness fad known to womankind, give these babies a chance. Because the only thing you have to lose is, well – nothing (besides catching the ninth hour of The Voice, that is).

Motion Traxx
Honestly, this is the most innovative way to work out since the Shake Weight (wait, what…no one uses that?). This super innovative site provides seven different categories of music compilations that are sure to get your heart pumping. Speaking of heart pumping, did we mention that you can actually select a mix based on your ideal workout pace? And if all that wasn’t enough, Motion Traxx also offers motivational mixes featuring top-notch fitness experts to help coach you through your workouts. And because we love you, FabFitFun readers will get a free album with the purchase of their first one. Click here to find out all the details.

The Gymbox
Fight the inevitable weight plateau with this little box full of genius. Choose from hundreds of workouts, including yoga, running, kickboxing, as well as other super fun features like Netflix, Pandora, and various TV episodes — all with just the click of a button. Just make sure that button actually turns on The Gymbox and doesn’t get sidetracked with Housewives.

Nexercise App
We can easily describe what we love about this app in two words: free gifts. Not only is the app itself free, but you can actually win fun prizes, like gift cards, just for tracking your motion! Stay interested in your workouts by challenging friends, setting goals, earning medals, and tracking your results. Besides, can you think of a better motivator than presents?

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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