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Pleasing Pumpkin Possibilities

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When autumn arrives, the color orange is in, whether it be the changing hue of the trees or what we put in our bellies — ahhh, pumpkin.

But as much as we love Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes (maybe even more than we love binge watching Orange Is the New Black), we know this comforting drink isn’t exactly the healthiest choice. Sure, our fave fall squash is healthy — it’s got plenty of vitamins and immune-boosting nutrients to keep us going — but not when it’s loaded with sugar.

So when the craving for pumpkin hits you, what should you reach for instead? Here are 10 snacks with plenty of pumpkin that will please your mouth and your waistline.

20131114_pumpkinfood_traderjoesyogurt Pumpkin Yogurt: When it come to yogurt, Greek yogurt is great because it’s also good for your gut. Trader Joe’s makes a pumpkin-flavored Greek nonfat yogurt that tastes like pumpkin pie. Or you can take plain Greek yogurt and add some canned pumpkin purée and spices to create your own fab fall treat.

20131114_pumpkinfood_elizabeth Pumpkin Granola : Top off that yogurt with granola or munch on it by itself. Purely Elizabeth — a brand created by a nutritionist — makes a delish Pumpkin Fig Ancient Grain Granola Cereal.

20131114_pumpkinfood_goraw Pumpkin Bars: Go Raw’s Live Pumpkin Bar is made with sprouted pumpkin seeds for a health boost. These raw, organic bars have protein and are low in sugar, so you won’t crash before going out to flirt in your new colored tights and scarves.

20131114_pumpkinfood_gothummus Pumpkin Hummus: Loved by nutrition experts, hummus is always a good snack choice. So, add a little pumpkin, and it’s even better, especially with our fav orange veggie, carrots. One must-try is the Harvest Pumpkin Hummus by Got Hummus?

20131114_pumpkinfood_smoothies Pumpkin Smoothies : If you swoon over smoothies like we do, maybe you’ve thought of adding a little pumpkin. Do so with pumpkin purée or pumpkin protein powder, such as this one from Seed Oil Co.

20131114_pumpkinfood_pumpkinbutter Pumpkin Butter: Add some pumpkin butter to whole-grain toast or crackers and enjoy a treat that tastes indulgement but is also good for you. Try the organic Pumpkin Seed Butter from Omega Nutrition and add some cinnamon and nutmeg to create that cozy mouth feel.

20131114_pumpkinfood_seedmixes Pumpkin Seed Mixes: Mixes made with pumpkin seeds abound. Some of our favs are Eden Organic Dry-Roasted, Spicy Pumpkin Seeds; Snack Packs from LC Foods with pumpkin seeds, raspberry, and coconut; and the unique snack mix by Wonderfully Raw made with organic pumpkin seeds and Brussels sprouts, which is much better than it sounds—promise!

20131114_pumpkinfood_pumpkinchips Pumpkin Chips: Danielle’s Crunchy Pumpkin Chips are thick-cut and au naturel, just the way we like it.

20131114_pumpkinfood_miso Pumpkin Miso Soup: For something warm, eat miso soup made with pumpkin, like this Organic Pumpkin & Vegetable Mighty Miso from King Soba.

20131114_pumpkinfood_oatmeal Pumpkin Oatmeal: Surely you’ve tried overnight oats? Make them pumpkin-style the night before and they’ll be ready for snacking anytime the next day. Combine about half a banana with 1/2 cup pumpkin purée and a dash of cinnamon in a food processor, then mix with 1 cup oats and 1 cup milk (dairy or nondairy,) along with 1 teaspoon of whey or lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Put the mixture in a jar, cover it, and store it in the fridge overnight, then take it out and eat it cold, or warm it on the stove.

And if you still desire pumpkin with a caffeine kick, sip some Pumpkin Spice Coffee by Green Mountain. It’s brewed with pumpkin spices and only has two calories per serving!

xx, TheFabFitFun Team

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