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Healthy Eating on a Budget

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Sure, when you’ve got a small army of chefs who deliver insert-green-juice-of-choice smoothies and neatly packaged nutritious meals to your door, it’s a piece of cake to eat healthy. For the rest of us mere muggles, it takes a bit of planning, but healthy eating can be done on a budget.  Here’s how!

20131118_healthyeating_frozen Go frozen: Buying frozen fruits and veggies can be cheaper, said New York-based nutritionist Ilyse Schapiro. They retain the same nutrients as fresh ones, but last longer! When buying fresh produce, opt for what’s in season. “Eating produce that is in season is not only healthier, but it is often more locally produced and therefore less expensive,” Schapiro said.

20131118_healthyeating_protein Don’t forgo protein: We love our budget-friendly carbs, but don’t forget that protein can be economical as well. Ilyse suggested eggs, milk, low-fat yogurt, canned tuna, legumes, and frozen chicken breast as affordable sources of protein.

20131118_healthyeating_water Stick to water: Integrative nutritionist and registered dietitian Breea Johnson said to forgo sugary and flavored beverages. Instead, drink water from a reusable bottle. It’ll save you dollars and about 150-250 calories on average.

20131118_healthyeating_resourceful Be resourceful: Wasted food is wasted money, so get creative in your kitchen! Schapiro recommended using leftover veggies and fruits in smoothies and juices. Or add the extra veggies to soups, stir-fries, or omelets.

20131118_healthyeating_storing Learn how to store your food: Johnson suggested shopping the bulk section to nab deals and also learning how to store your fresh food so it lasts longer. This comprehensive guide shows you the best ways to store your edibles.

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