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Easy, Healthy Breakfasts

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Dear G,

I hear all the time how important breakfast is, but with a new baby, the only thing I can manage to make in the morning for myself is two Eggos with a slice of bacon in between. Any suggestions for healthy and quick breakfast options?


Dear Courtney,

Want to know a secret? I love breakfast! In fact, I’m so crazy about my morning meals that I have this dream of one day opening a bed and breakfast called G&B’s B&B (catchy, right?). But I’ll admit, being a new mom, my mornings can be more packed than Bloomingdale’s during the Big Brown Bag sale. (For the record: Cheerios and milk in a Ziploc bag does not make an effective to-go breakfast.)

To avoid reaching for what I like to call “breakfast bombs,” I have a few favorite nutritious options that kick off my mornings on a positive and healthy note. And while I do like to whip up some yummy breakfasts at home, you’d be surprised at some of the meals you can pick up on your way to work. So try some of these delish options, tell me which ones are your faves, and for goodness sake, leggo of that bacon-filled Eggo!


xx, G

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