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Get a Laugh Lift

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You don’t have to keep Modern Family episodes or Adam Sandler movies on loop to know that laughter is a good medicine. Take a look inside what happens to your body when you laugh.

A Heart-Pounding High
When you start laughing, you start moving. From grasping your belly to tilting back and forth, laughter and the movement that comes with it speed up your heart rate, increasing the amount of energizing oxygen transmitted to your tissues.

With a higher heart rate comes calorie burning — about 50 calories per 10- to 15-minute laugh session. We’re not telling you to sell your Tracy Anderson DVDs on eBay, but we are saying that any extra calories burned is better than sitting around not laughing.

A Stress-Relieving Chuckle
When you start laughing, your stress response lowers and your tension starts to subside. That’s thanks in some part to increased circulation that relaxes your muscles, reducing tension in your body. Think of laughing as a mini-massage that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for at your favorite spa. By the way, if you pay with your arm and leg that’s another way to lose weight (just kidding!).

A Long-Term Lift
You can’t laugh all the time — and if you did, that wouldn’t be a good thing (it’s actually a neurological condition called the pseudobulbar affect or more commonly known as “don’t make eye contact with that guy”), but a little laughter each day can lead to several long-term health benefits, according to the Mayo Clinic. Does pain relief, reduced depression, and a stronger immune system sound good to you? They sound pretty good to us too, which is why you should always love to laugh.

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