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Halloween Candy Smackdown!

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What is the scariest part of Halloween?

The Freddy/Jason/Michael marathons? The flaming Jack-O’-Lanterns? The zombies and ghosts that roam the streets in search of treats? Your 70-year-old aunt who opens the door to trick or treaters wearing rollers and a nightie?

Oh please…it’s the number of calories we consume from all that sugary, gooey goodness. You may not be filling a plastic pumpkin full of candy anymore but chances are pretty high that you’ll be nibbling on the sweet stuff around Halloween.

Of course, not all candy is created equal! And you know what that means: it’s time for a sweet smackdown!

We are rounding up all your favorites and ranking them in terms of most calories to the least. There are some definite shockers in here! We learned that so much of the disparity comes from the size. Seeing the terms “king,” “extra-large,” “super,” “giant,” or “bet you can’t eat all this” in front of whatever you’re choosing will never be good for your waistline!

So before you reach for whatever candy is closest, check out our FFF Candy Smackdown!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

FabFitFun Candy Smackdown

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