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Be a Stunner and Work Out with Gunnar

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We think it’s pretty clear what J.Lo, Sofia Vergara, and Kim Kardashian all have in common. But what may not be so obvious is the way they got their uh-mazing figures!

Yep, to get their bangin’ bods, the bodacious babes pull out the Big Guns! Famed personal trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson whips Hollywood’s elite into tiptop shape. We’re talking Penelope Cruz, Ben Affleck, and Matthew McConaughey (the only thing harder than Matt’s six-pack is spelling his last name).

And now, you can join the list of Gunnar’s superstar clients by taking The Gunnar Challenge! The trainer’s eight-week plan will not only give you customizable workouts, and a low-cal meal plan, but Gunnar himself will send daily video messages to pump you up!

Here are some of his best tips to kickstart your quest to look your best:

  • It may sound obvious, but one of Gunnar’s fave tips is simply to move more! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, ride your bike to work, go visit that co-worker down the hall instead of picking up the phone…get going!
  • Cut out all sodas. Yes, even diet.
  • Don’t eat within three hours of your bedtime.
  • Do something physical at least 10 minutes a day. Again, it can be simple!

    • Take your grocery cart to the farthest cart return, and practice good posture to engage your core.
    • Walk your dog or walk with your significant other during the evening because that’s when energy dips. Jog intervals to burn more calories.
    • Convert the couch — turn the couch into a workout bench to exercise abs, glutes, and biceps. Up the intensity by shortening the rest periods between each exercise.

The Gunnar Challenge starts May 21. Sign up today!

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