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The Greatest Gatsby Garb

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So she might be a little flirtatious, scandalous, a bit sneaky, and misleading (OK, she’s a hussy) — but Daisy Buchanan is one fiercely fashionable floozy!

If you don’t know who we’re talking about, you clearly weren’t paying attention in your 11th grade English class. (We don’t blame you, we were more focused on finding a junior prom date too.) But maybe we should have taken a note or two from The Great Gatsby’s Daisy, who somehow managed to snag not one, but two millionaires! (Girlfriend was like the original Kendra Wilkinson!)

Yup, with her extravagant ’20s style, expensive taste, and knack for throwing together numbers that brought men to their knees, Daisy was a literary style icon. With Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby hitting theaters today, Mrs. Buchanan’s looks are brought to life through the always-elegant Carey Mulligan. And now you can channel your inner Daisy as well with some of our fave ’20s-inspired pieces that are insanely fabulous!


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