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Giuliana & Bill Recap

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This episode starts off with goofball Giuliana wearing an adult-size onesie, so we know it is going to be a good one. But in all seriousness, Giuliana and Bill are on a mission this episode. They need to find a pediatrician in LA as well as a nanny for Duke — stat.

While meeting with pediatricians, Giuliana suggests using homeopathic methods but Bill interjects with a big N-O. He doesn’t want to go alternative as far as medicine is concerned, while G is worried about unnecessary medication. Nonetheless, G meets with a homeopathic doctor, but decides that approach is not right for Duke (and let’s be honest, it’s not worth trying to convince Bill).

While Bill is on his boys’ trip to Haiti to build houses, Giuliana is busy with work and getting prepared for the SAG Awards. With all these commitments to juggle, they need a nanny fast. They interview Kemberly, who was recommended by their friends and decide to give her a trial run. During her trial run, Giuliana experiences mommy guilt over leaving poor teething Duke alone for the first time. They ultimately offer Kemberly the nanny position which she accepts!

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