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Gadgets Girls Love

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Dear G,

I am the girl who is always last to know about the latest technology. I just got a smartphone and I love it. What other gadgets should I know about?

– Cassie

Dear Cassie,

There is a nasty rumor going around that girls and machines just don’t mix. (Hey, just because most of us crashed our first cars doesn’t mean we can’t be trusted with other contraptions). But the truth is, us gals love technology just as much as the guys do. (I mean, if there was a phone that also made cupcakes and snapped your bra for you—I’d be all over it.)

Yep, there’s something to be said for a girl who loves her gadgets (not those kind!) And being up on the latest technology can definitely make your life easier. Seriously, can you imagine if we still used real maps? Let’s just say I’d probably end up in the Rockies on my way to the beach.

So Cassie, congrats on joining the smartphone club! Here are some other gadgets that will help you on your way to becoming a totally sexy techie! (Just don’t forget the batteries!)

xx, G

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