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Even More Evidence that Cats are Lovable Jerks

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A lot of great things can be said about cats. They’re soft. They’re adorable. They’re really good at catching lizards.The one thing they aren’t great at? Not being total jerks. We love our furry friends, but when it comes to returning that love, cats can be a little withholding. That is, of course, unless you’re blissfully asleep when your kitty’s ready to play. Just ask these cat-owners who were subject to their pets’ poking, prodding, and smacking while trying to get some shut eye. This super cut of cats being the worst (best?) alarm clocks ever might make you want to lock your little guy out of the bedroom tonight.

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Mary Krull
Mary Krull

My cat is more considerate than my barking dog.

Cheryl Lowe
Cheryl Lowe

Every morning 5 minutes before my alarm goes off