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A Cozy Night for Two

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Dear G,

Lately, my boyfriend and I are stuck in a dinner and movie rut. Do you have any suggestions for unique winter dates?


Dear Olivia,

You know what some people say about winter — it would be a lot better if it took place in the summer. Well, just because it’s cold outside, that doesn’t mean you two can’t heat things up! Why not embrace the cold and embrace your sweetie with some fab winter dates? Check out a few of my fave ways to spend time with Bill in the cold.

Ice Skating: There’s just something über-romantic about lacing up your skates and taking a spin around the rink. Head out after dark when the stars are in full effect and warm up with a post-skate, much-deserved hot cocoa. Perfect!

Game Night: Who says you have to go out to have fun? Pull out the board games, good food, a bottle of wine, and make it a date night. It’s cheap, fun, and likely to create a whole lot of laughs. Check out a few of my fave adult games (not in that way) here.

Hockey Games: Even if you don’t love sports, there is something really fun about a hockey game. It’s fast paced, easy to follow, and the crowd gets super involved! (Plus it’s always fun to watch the players get in fights!)

Sledding: Channel your inner kid and head to the hills for some straight up goofy fun. While skiing and snowboarding take a certain amount of athleticism, sledding is all about having a good time.

Unusual Restaurant: Mix up your usual by going out of the box when it comes to dinner. Make your Friday plans a culinary adventure by hitting up something unique like DIY Korean barbecue, sharable tapas, a Brazilian churrascaria, or even those oh-so-trendy food trucks. You can even try going to those super-cheesy themed restaurants — think Medieval Times. You’d be surprised how much fun you can have wearing a paper crown.

Hot Springs: Who doesn’t like jumping into a hot tub after a day on the slopes? Take it even further and head out to some natural hot springs. They’re not only romantic, but the mineral-rich soaks are supposed to be super healthy as well.

Bubble Bath for Two: Can’t get out of town? Dim the lights, light some candles, break out the bubbles, and let the fun begin. This is a super sexy and simple way to spend time with your sweetie!

xx, G

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