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Spring Fever

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Dear G,

I feel like my bf and I are in a rut. Any ideas on how we can spice things up?


Dear Julia,

I think everyone feels that way at times. But luckily spring is the season of love. It’s the perfect time to get outdoors, get romantic, and get some serious…or not so serious PDAs.

And if someone yells out, “Get a room” you could yell back, “The earth is my room.” And while I’m not exactly sure what that means, it gives you a great excuse to smooch under a tree. Check out my favorite spots for a little springtime romance:

Fun Spring Date Ideas: Miniature Golf Mini Golf: Yes, this activity may evoke certain middle school memories you’d like to forget (braces, carpools, and wearing your entire scrunchie collection at once), but it can also make for an awesome evening activity with your man. Just be sure you both bring your “A” game…and a sense of humor!

Fun Spring Date Ideas: Wildflower Hikes: Love is in bloom and so are the wildflowers! Enjoy all the colors that nature has to offer and get off the beaten path. Forget the roses, it’s time to smell the wildflowers.

Fun Spring Date Ideas: Pottery Class: Hit up your local art spot and prep for spring by making your own flower pots. Channel your inner Demi/Swayze clay making session on the pottery wheel — just remember that you probably are not alone (I’m talking about other class members, not ghosts)!

Fun Spring Date Ideas: Pack a Picnic: Forget going out to eat, make lunch and pack it up for an afternoon picnic! Find a secluded spot on the beach, in a park, or on a hiking trail to enjoy the time together!

Fun Spring Date Ideas: Baseball Game: Springtime is synonymous with baseball season, so grab your jerseys and hit up a home game for your fave team. Every run calls for a kiss and a hug — and if they don’t score, you still can. Bonus: nosebleed seats are pretty cheap — about the same price as a stadium beer, anyway!

Fun Spring Date Ideas: Fly Kites: Let your love soar as you take advantage of a blustery afternoon! Whether you make the kite, buy it, or rent it, the childhood toy makes the perfect date companion.

Fun Spring Date Ideas: Ride Horses: Get your guy in the saddle and ride! Trot along a beach, gallop through a pasture, or hoof it up a hill. C’mon, think Heath in A Knight’s Tale! Swoon.

Fun Spring Date Ideas: Farmers Market: Spend the morning strolling around your local farmers market and pick up some yummy fresh produce to cook when you get home.

xx, G

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