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‘Fro’ Your Eyes Only

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We can’t get enough froyo or ice cream in our lives. No matter what form it comes in, those self-serve frozen yogurt bars (by the way, a new location of 16 Handles just opened in Chelsea) and endless variations satisfy our cravings year-round. In fact, we remember a specific instance last January right before a hurricane when we took a cab to the opposite side of town to get one last pre-storm cup.

But let’s face it — those self-serve toppings bars can be a serious diet derailer — why? Because we have no self-control, but we digress. All that cookie dough innocently scooped on top suddenly transforms a healthy treat into a calorie bomb. So we turned to ab-sculpting, ass-kicking, body-sculpting Barry’s Bootcamp co-founder Rachel Mumford, who is sharing the ultimate healthy solution to our frozen treat obsession — Froyana.

Apparently, you can make your own sweet, creamy ice cream using a single ingredient — banana — and a single kitchen appliance, a food processor.

The result? A dairy-free, fat-free, nut-free, sugar-free, and overall guilt-free soft-serve treat. Here’s the secret to whipping up this uh-mazing treat, courtesy of Rachel.

Step 1: Prep
First, peel bananas. Each medium-sized banana yields approximately a half-cup serving.

Second, cut banana into coins about a half-inch to an inch thick. Frozen banana chunks are handy to keep in the freezer in a zip bag for Froyana or other uses like smoothies or banana breads. Otherwise, you can simply place them on a plate and stick in the freezer for at least two hours.

Step 2: Blend
Put frozen banana chunks or coins into a food processor and pulse. Don’t be discouraged by the initial icy, crumbly texture. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as necessary and keep at it.

Suddenly, all will be right with the world as those banana granules suddenly blend into the perfect, creamy texture. Blend until your bananas are the texture of silky, soft-serve ice cream.

Step 3: Add-ins (optional)
The add-in options are only limited by your imagination and dietary preferences. You can top with anything you’d pair with frozen yogurt or ice cream, or you can add anything to the banana mixture and blend it together to create different flavor combinations. Pictured above are just a few yummy yet nutritious topping suggestions like chopped nuts (full of omega-3 fatty acids), antioxidant-rich shredded coconuts, dark chocolate, and blackberries.

Gotta love a fellow froyo lover. And gotta love a waist-whittling low-cal version.

xx, The FabFitFun NY Team

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