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Fit Tip Friday: Yoga Download

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We all have our different reasons for doing yoga. For some, it’s to look like Madonna. For others, to cure a hangover. And for those in relationships, to improve “flexibility” *wink wink.* But no matter what your reason, it’s clear that bending over in bridge pose is beneficial for your mind, body, and boo (woops, we mean soul).

Yep, we’re crazy yogis now. But we’ll admit, sometimes we just don’t have time to get into the studio. (Plus memberships can be out-of-control expensive!) Luckily there are ways around the sticky situation, and they’re only a click away. Yoga Download is your personal studio, open 24 hours a day!

The super convenient web and mobile app allows you to subscribe or purchase classes à la carte based on what your goals are. With an incredible variety of classes offered by top instructors, this little web gem seems too good to be true! Not to mention that a two-month subscription to Yoga Download is equal to the price of one class at some studios! (We’ll sun salute to that!)

Each video is labeled with ability level, intensity level, and any props that you may need. Check out their free classes to get started on your namaste today!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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