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Fit Tip Friday: Ways to Work Out in Winter

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When it comes to winter workouts, we can sometimes slack off a bit. But let’s be honest, convincing ourselves that we’re burning calories by lifting our giant hot cocoa mug to our mouth and walking briskly to the oven to get the chocolate chip cookies out is not going to get us the sexy ski bunny bod that we want.

That’s why we decided to prepare ourselves for the chilly season by chatting with Kristin McGee, incredibly fabulous yoga trainer to stars such as Tina Fey and Bethenny Frankel. Kristin armed us with some need-to-know tips on working out indoors, changing our health habits, and staying motivated during winter!

What are your best tips for indoor workouts when the weather gets too cold to exercise outdoors?
Do your workout first thing in the morning before your day gets away from you!

  • Keep your yoga mat within reach from your bed so you can easily get started.
  • Roll your mat out and do 30 minutes of yoga flow or Pilates floor work. My newest DVD, S3: Strong, Sexy + Svelte, includes three 25-minute workouts, so you can choose yoga, strength training, or Pilates core work. Make sure to make time for breathing exercises too!
  • Switch up your workout with a short circuit of 20 push-ups, 20 squats, 20 lunges and 20 bicycle crunches. Do a set of jumping jacks or high knees between each move and repeat the circuit 2-3 times. Incorporate yoga stretches, like Pigeon pose or a seated forward bend, while watching TV or wrapping presents. A little bit of something is better than nothing!

Should we change up our eating habits to match our different workout plan this season?
If you decide to scale back on exercise during the holidays, then you’ll want to be more mindful of your meals. I always tell my clients to stay hydrated and keep your blood sugar levels stable. Most people deprive themselves or hold out for a big holiday feast, but it’s better to have a few small-sized snacks, such as raw almonds, Greek yogurt or a CalNaturale Svelte protein shake between a healthy lunch and breakfast. If you’re more active in the winter with skiing or other winter sports, don’t forget to hydrate. In colder months, we tend to drink less water.

How can we stay motivated to keep up with our winter workouts?
Here are a few tips:

  • Whether you’re getting into the hot tub after a long day of skiing or attending a holiday gathering, find a reason to put on your bikini or a slinky cocktail dress and use that as a reminder to stay fit even if it’s snowing outside. Having a wholesome snack with a good amount of protein and fiber before a cocktail party or holiday event will also keep you from overeating appetizers or desserts.
  • You can burn more calories in outdoor cold weather so if you can handle it, go for a brisk walk outside and let the cool air invigorate you. If you just can’t bear it, invest in a good workout app or DVD that can keep you motivated and excited about working out.
  • Meet a friend for a new workout class or give your boyfriend or husband an active couples present, like couples yoga, ballroom dance classes, or indoor tennis lessons that you can do together and keep each other in shape. Experiences are always the best gift anyway!

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