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Fit Tip Friday: The HapiFork

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We know, portion control can be a pain in the behind without a kitchen mini scale and a whole lotta self-control. But what kind of mechanism can measure portions and help us cut back on that guiltily satisfying shoveling motion?

This fab new gadget, the HapiFork, is a Bluetooth-enabled electronic fork that gently buzzes and flashes indicator lights when you’ve taken too many bites too quickly! Plus, you can set the intervals!

If that’s not enough to curb your fork serving, it also measures the number of forkfuls taken per minute, how long it took to eat your meal, and the intervals between bites. Plus, you can track your progress on your phone through Bluetooth or on your computer by connecting to the USB port at the bottom of the HapiFork.

We def love the originality behind the dieters’ new gadget, but does it really pull in the portion control reins? Guess we won’t know till we try it! And if you want to be on the cusp of hapi-ness, allows you to sign up for an email alert when the Hapifork goes on the market for their fit-minded consumers like us! (Hapilabs says it’ll be available in July — just in time for the end of bikini season!)

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