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Fit Tip Friday: 10 to Zen

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You spend hours in the gym working out those fab abs, but do you spend enough time keeping your mind in shape? We’re not talking brain push-ups (although that’s a fun visual), we’re talking meditation. Yup, it’s not just for Buddhist monks and Eat Pray Love junkies anymore! It’s been made totally accessible by Andy Puddicombe, the super fit brain behind Headspace!

Headspace is a website, app, and all around meditation hub of the internet. It was created with beginners in mind, and starts you out on just 10 minutes of guided meditation per day.

The benefits of prolonged meditation practice rival the benefits of yoga, cupcakes, and looking at Ryan Reynolds for a long time. Think of it as a remedy for any negative feelings you have such as anxiety, depression, stress, and even addiction. And at 10 minutes per day, it’s totally doable for even the busiest of gals. Some of our fave career superstars like Arianna Huffington, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Emma Watson swear by Headspace, and even attribute their success to the results of practicing regularly.

De-stress and become more successful in just 10 minutes? Yes, please! Can someone please tell Amanda Bynes about this?!

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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