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Fit Tip Friday: Staying in Shape for Sports

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Last week we were in a beach volleyball tournament. The sun was shining, our hair was flowing in the breeze, and the hottie on our team was totally diggin’ our skills. That was until we tried to spike the ball, twisted our ankle, and spent the rest of the day icing our foot on the sidelines.

OK, so we’re not exactly the most graceful of gals. But after that totally mortifying experience we realized that we needed to strengthen up our bod to prepare for those summer and fall sports. So we enlisted the help of Pilates pro Julie Erickson of Endurance Pilates and Yoga. Julie is one of the very few instructors in the US to have earned the distinction of PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) instructor, and even trained the Cirque du Soleil performers from the cast of Totem! So clearly, girlfriend knows her stuff! She shared the best moves to strengthen, lengthen, and prepare our bodies for our next volleyball tourney!

Pilates Pushups

Julie Erickson Pilates Pushup

From a standing position, roll down to your hands on the floor. Walk out to plank in four counts, and complete one pushup. Walk back and roll to standing. Roll down again. Walk out to plank in four counts complete two pushups. Walk back and roll to standing and continue to a 10-pushup set! The secret to pushups is using the entire body for stability, including legs and core, so exercisers should feel the rest of the body working as much as the arms.

Hip Twist

Julie Erickson Hip Twist

Sit with the legs reaching at a 45-degree angle, with arms reaching straight back to match the legs and help lift the chest. Keep the feet together and draw a circle with the legs around to the right, then to the left, stopping at 12 o’clock each time and then reversing direction. Try to make the circles bigger and smaller and see if you can sit up straighter every time you circle. Complete 10 circles in each direction.

Open Leg Rocker

Julie Erickson Rocker

Sit up super tall, legs extended in front, use belly muscles to rock pelvis back and lift legs from floor up into hands. Scoop the belly in and look toward the belly button. Roll back to the floor, keeping the proximity between the ribs and the hips as you roll back. Think of lifting from the chest to rollup, the distance between the chest and legs stays the same throughout. Ensure the lower back touches the mat on the way back and on the way up.

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