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Fit Tip Friday: Cowgirl Cardio

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Grab your partner, swing ’em round, have some fun, and drop some pounds! That’s right y’all, we have found a great way to burn calories and have a total blast just by hitting up a country line-dancing floor!

Yep, square dancing is a super fun thing to do at your local bar and pick up on the hot cowboys in tight jeans. Even better, this hand-clapping, foot-stomping activity can help you burn up to 300 calories an hour!

In case you’ve never slipped on a pair of cowboy boots, and have no idea what a “honky-tonk” is, worry not! Here’s the boot-scootin’ breakdown:

A “caller” is usually on a microphone to announce which dance will be done to which song. When the song comes on, the caller will count it down so you know when to begin.

Usually there will be a few line dancing experts who seemingly live on the dance floor and know every single move. Follow along with them until you know the moves. If you’re having trouble, ask if they’ll teach you!

Some dances use partners. This is an excellent opportunity to grab one of the pros to learn a few moves. Many establishments even offer mid-week classes so you can practice beforehand.

Lastly, don’t be intimidated! Keep moving and trying to master the dances. Before you know it you’ll be stompin’, clappin’, and workin’ the dance floor with this heart-pounding activity!

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