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Fit Tip Friday: Spin Is In

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When it comes to spinning, there’s the bad kind (like the night of your 21st birthday, right before you hit the floor) and then there’s the good kind (like the sweat-inducing, body-blasting cycle classes!). Yup, it’s official — spin is in! And while indoor cycling has been around for a while now, the workout trend is still rolling along without any sign of hitting the brakes!

If you aren’t already a “spinner,” fall is a fabulous time to take up the workout. Studios dedicated solely to the cycle phenomenon are popping up everywhere. But whether you’re a pro spinner or just now hopping along for the ride, there are ways to make sure that you get the absolute most of your class. We talked to the owners of Aura, a new, super-cool spin studio on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. Jose Palau and Maurizio Pelone, who came up with the idea for the centering mind-body workout, gave us the 411 on how to make the most of our spin class!

1. Hydrate before, during and after your class. You are going to sweat a lot!

2. Eat complex carbs (e.g. pasta or grains) for sustainable energy before your workout and lean protein (for example, chicken, fish, or turkey) to help your muscle cells to be regenerated. Also fibers, vegetables, and antioxidant-based foods (broccoli, beans, artichokes) for a better recovery. Give your body the chance to work hard.

3. Wear moisture wicking clothing that is tight fitting. You do not want to be distracted by what you are wearing. You have to be comfortable when you workout.

4. Come early so you have time to set up your bike and get ready. Coming in late is distracting to the instructor and your fellow riders.

5. Good posture is key. You want to remember to be use your legs for power and support not your arms. Keep the right form during the entire workout help you out improve your performance.

6. Do not be afraid to add resistance. If you are pedaling without resistance you are not getting the best workout that you can. You have to be on control of the bike. Don’t let the bike take you.

7. Stay for the stretching. It will aid in your recovery and your next ride will be even stronger. Be mentally prepared for the next ride. It s a mind-body workout.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

P.S. If you’re in LA make sure to check out the awesome classes at Aura! #Love

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