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Fit Tip Friday: Cut Yourself Some Slack

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Fall is a great time to take your workout to new heights! And pro snowboarder, Elena Hight is doing just that as she prepares for the 2013 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. With two Olympic games under her belt, the 23-year-old is a favorite to win gold this year, and she’s taking every step she can to get her body in perfect condition for the competition of a lifetime. (Girlfriend’s bod is rockin’, judging from ESPN The Magazine’s Bodies feature!)

But it’s not just about hitting the slopes. Elena keeps her mind and body centered with a mix of workouts and activities including not-so-conventional slacklining. So how exactly does an Olympic contender benefit from an activity similar to that seen in the circus? And how can we try the fun new workout trend? We caught up with Elena to get the snowboarder’s slacklining secrets!

What exactly is slacklining?
Slacklining was originally created from the art of tight rope walking. So it has the same fundamentals. A line is strung between two anchor points and tightened so that you can walk on the line. The difference between tight rope and slacklining is that it is done on inch-wide nylon webbing. The nylon stretches so the rope has “slack” or give while you walk across it.

How did you discover the activity?
I discovered slacklining trough friends from Tahoe. It was originally created by rock climbers so it is big in rock climbing communities which Tahoe is known for.

You’re a professional snowboarder and preparing to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Is slacklining just something you do for fun? Or does it help you train?
Slacklining is definitely something that I do for fun, but I think that it has a lot of great benefits as a training tool for snowboarding as well. It is great for balance, body/mind awareness, and focus, all of which are fundamentals for snowboarding.

Can you give us a few tips for people trying slacklining for the first time?
The most important thing is to have fun with it! It can be extremely frustrating if you take it too seriously, which makes it even harder. If you can just enjoy your self you will find that your body is looser and it is easier to balance. If you are frustrated and tense it makes it much harder to keep your balance.

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