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Fit Tip Friday: Skypercise Success

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When we’re on Skype with our loved ones, we usually aren’t being very active. Unless of course…well, we won’t go there. But there are other physical activities that can be facilitated through your very own computer screen and won’t make you feel like the next Paris Hilton.

Yep, Skypercise is the latest fitness trend! Trainers and new fitness programs are increasingly turning to Skype and other video chat services to bring exercise to clients’ homes, offices, or hotel rooms — leaving no excuses for a missed sweat sesh! By simply logging on to Skype you can work out “alongside” friends (Try Skype Premium to include up to nine video users at a time!), take a class, or be coached by your own personal trainer.

Tracy and Elaine, for example, are two friends who travel for work frequently, but still enjoy having a workout partner. They log in together for bi-weekly sessions with their trainer, Marc, who ensures that everything on the screen is seen. “We can’t get away with anything on Skype — Marc will see us. It’s a serious workout, but more fun and affordable with a friend,” Tracy said.

Celebrities have been getting in on the action too! Kate Beckinsale’s trainer, Mandy Ingber catches up with her via web for a workout as often as possible. “If she [Beckinsale] is on vacation, we schedule Skype sessions, or she uses my Yogalosophy DVD. Being committed is key,” Ingber said.

So give up all of your excuses and log into fitness today!

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