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It seems like spring just popped up on us. And soon enough, summer will be here too! But we can tell you one thing that won’t be popping out come bikini season – our bellies!

That’s because we’re preparing early for warm-weather wear. We’re sculpting for spring with expert tips from Jennifer Williams, former professional ballerina and creator of one of LA’s hottest (and most fun) boutique barre workouts, Pop Physique. Jennifer gave us a series of moves to set us up for success with super-toned arms, trim thighs, and rockin’ abs.

Try practicing these moves outdoors to get a little vitamin D while strengthening your core and slimming your waistline. So this summer, the only thing that will be popping out is the sun. (And your six pack!)

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Exercise: Tricep Dips
Goal: Get your arms toned and ready for short sleeves!

Set up:

A. Sit flat, legs bent, feet hips-distance apart. Flex your feet so that your heels dig into the mat. Place your palms directly under your shoulders, fingertips facing forward.

B. Squeeze your glutes, tuck your pelvis under, and hover your seat over the mat.

C. Shift your weight backwards slightly and, keeping your fingers facing forward, do a tiny bend with your elbows and feel your triceps engage. Then, press back up to straight arms and repeat for 30-45 seconds.

Jens Expert Tip: “Never hold your breath or tense up the upper body as you move through the exercise. Focus your energy on the muscle group you are working and remember to breathe.”

Exercise: Side Plank
Goal: Tight abs and obliques (for a slim waistline)

Set up:

A. Place your forearms flat on floor, elbows under shoulders. Zip your legs together and slide them out to a plank. Make a fist with your left palm and open your chest to turn your body to the side.

B. Open your right arm up, reaching fingers to ceiling. Stack your legs, right on top of left, and pull your abs in for balance.

C. Hold or, for extra challenge, start to do tiny pulses upward with the right side of the body to work the obliques for 30 seconds. Carefully come back to your forearm plank, and repeat on left side.

Jen’s Expert Tip: “When working your abs, always focus on drawing them as deeply in towards the spine as possible. This creates a super-flat stomach (as opposed to letting the six-pack muscle protrude outward).”

Exercise: Knee Dancing
Goal: Sleek, toned thighs

Set up:

A. Start seated, kneeling on a mat, knees hips-distance apart.

B. Tuck your pelvis and lean back until you feel like you’re almost falling backwards, arms reaching long in front of you. Engage your abs and start to pulse backwards slightly. The front of your quadriceps should tighten and burn. Repeat for 30 seconds-one minute.

Jen’s Expert Tip: “On the pulse action of the exercise, exhale sharply to get the most out of the workout.”

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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