Pole Dancing for FItness: Myths and Tips

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Pole Dancing Myths and Tips

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Is it just us, or was anyone else totally shocked (yet impressed) when you saw Emma Watson droppin’ it low on a pole in the promos for The Bling Ring?! Yep, the ever-classy Emma has definitely got some moves, and we couldn’t help but wonder where we could find some of our own!

So we got in touch with Mina Mortezaie, who is not only a champion pole dancer, but has even appeared in music videos such as Enrique Iglesias’ “Dirty Dancer.” We were a little nervous to step up to the pole (can you blame us?!) so Mina (who teaches at Evolve Dance Studio in LA) put some of our fears to rest, and gave us the 4-1-1 on the growing athletic activity!

Myth: You have to be in good shape before starting pole dancing.
Truth: anyone can start pole dancing regardless of their current fitness level, shape, size, gender etc. Pole dancing is what will get you into shape once you follow a regular training regimen.

Myth: Pole dancing classes are tailored for exotic dancers.
Truth: Pole dancing classes are usually full of everyday women who are trying to have fun while they work out. My students include women who are teachers, lawyers, police officers, and a variety of occupations.

Myth: Pole dancing classes are all about sexy movement.
Truth: Although many pole dancing classes include sexy movements, there are many classes that focus purely on the athletic side of the sport.

Myth: Pole dancers dress like strippers.
Truth: Advanced pole moves require bare skin to grip the pole, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear lingerie. There are clothes designed just for pole dancers that provide good coverage without having to sacrifice style. (Try these fold over pole fitness shorts or this cami!)

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