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Walk Into Your Pilates Reformer Class Like a Pro

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We’ll admit that when we first walked by a pilates reformer studio, we thought that medieval torture devices had come back in vogue. But after popping into one of these fab classes, we’re ub-sessed!

If you haven’t tried one yet, don’t fret! We chatted with the founder of Venice, California’s Pilates Platinum, Heather Dorak, who gave us all the info you need to know before hopping onto a pilates reformer.

First off, what is pilates class on a reformer?
Simply put, this is the most innovative and aggressive approach to full body conditioning. It is a high octane, shirt-drenching workout that strengthens your body, tightens your muscles, elongates the body, burns fat, improves endurance, jump-starts your metabolism, and restores your body’s natural balance. Reformer classes are a fusion of pilates, cardio and strength training, and achieving muscle definition faster than traditional pilates and/or weight training alone.

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What should we bring to class?
1. This style of pilates requires ToeSox. ToeSox are basically socks that have rubber grips on the bottom of the feet. They are very beneficial in your safety while on the machine and gives you support to execute exercises effectively. If you don’t own these type of socks, no worries! Your studio should have them for sale.
2. Water. Hydration is always important in any type of exercise.
3. The clothing you wear to class should be able to move. Make sure the clothes can move with your body and don’t hinder or distract you in your workout. Tighter fitting clothing is ideal; this is important for the instructor to be able to see your body to check for form and alignment.
4. An open mind and positive attitude. You will most likely be doing exercises that are completely new to you and your body. Being open to the new approach and techniques will allow your body to master the moves easier. Some exercises may seem intimidating; just try. You will be surprised as to how much you can actually do. There are always modifications to exercises in order to effectively give each and every leveled client a great workout.

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What are the benefits?
The reformer method encourages maximum exertion without stressing the joints and spine. It is a revolutionary total body exercise program for any age. Even someone suffering through injuries can come to class and reap many benefits. (Just let your instructor know about your limitations!) The best part is that it will always be challenging and varied. The music is great, the energy is high – this is a workout you’ll be able to evolve with and it will soon become something you can’t live without. Plus, the reformer machine offers a lot of ways in which you can make exercises harder and more challenging. The options are endless. You will never attend the exact same class more than once. And did we mention that it is really fun, too?!

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