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Fit Tip Friday: Meal Prepping

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We’ve all been there: You just got off of work and you’re hangry (hungry + angry= hangry). You open the fridge and spot some pasta sauce, eggs, milk, a wide variety of fruits and veggies, just so many things that would need prepping and cooking. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!) Looks like Chinese takeout…again!

Sound familiar? Yep, We’ve all had those nights where we resort to quickest means for a meal and end up consuming food that isn’t very good for us. Our Fit Tip this Friday will help you avoid falling prey to these situations: meal prepping!

Before you go rolling your eyes thinking that the work and hassle isn’t worth it, hear us out! A growing trend for many health and fitness bloggers is to cook in bulk and store the components of each meal ahead of time. And it’s so easy if you just take Sunday as your super fun meal prepping night! So bust out the Tupperware and start meal prepping for a healthier week!

Some tips to remember are:

  • Before your big trip to the grocery store, it’s best to clean out the old fridge and pantry in order to make space for the new stuff.
  • The freezer can be your best friend! Stick sauces or fruits in the freezer to make them last longer!
  • Multitask: Put a few dishes in the oven at once! Set multiple alarms on your phone to remember to take things out when they’re ready.
  • The Internet is filled with easy to make recipes. With wonderful creations like Pinterest and Instagram, you can keep up with your favorite fit food bloggers and follow in their cyber footsteps! Here are just a few that break down meal prep and even add some of their own recipes that will make the coming week a much more stress-free one!

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