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Fit Tip Friday: How to Jumpstart Your Metabolism

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Metabolism. It’s not that we hate ours, it’s just that sometimes we wonder when it’s going to come back from the extended spring break it went on when we were in college.

Seriously though, as we get older, our metabolism definitely shifts in the direction of “Where the hell did you go?” And while we could take every supplement, try every infomercial diet, and try to burn every single calorie consumed…it just doesn’t sound that healthy now does it?

Luckily we’ve got an expert on our side, who explained that there are easier, more effective ways to jumpstart our metabolism. Racha Zeidan, author of Great Body, No Diet, gave us simple tips to rev our bods back up!

1. Learn proper breathing techniques using your full lung capacity, breathe deep and slow. Keep a window open where you live or work or take regular walks outdoors throughout the day, fresh air is fuel for digestion.

To try this, slowly exhale to the extreme using your chest muscles and your diaphragm (the muscle in the abdominal area that controls the lungs, also used while singing or performing yoga) until there is not one puff of air left in your lungs and your lungs they naturally fill up with air. Repeat the same thing once more by exhaling, and then inhale and continue your regular breathing from there on.

2. Drink a glass of room temperature water before you eat any meal, snack or sweet. Once you feel full from your meal do not drink any water, wait at least one hour, and then keep drinking as needed.

3. Eat when hungry but not starving and avoid sleep directly after meals. Wait at least two hours before sleeping.

4. If you have not been exercising, get back into it now. Every week, do two medium-impact workouts 60 minutes long, where 20 minutes of the total time is dedicated to stretching.

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