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Fit Tip Friday: Hit the Gym Running

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The other day our car was in the shop and we had two options: catch up on this season of Wipeout or run to the gym. Well, as much as we wanted to watch a group of determined adults jump off of blow-up platforms and plunge into a pool of water, we decided to suck it up and lace up our running shoes!

And let us tell you, we’re glad we did! Once we started running, we realized that our gym was only two miles away, and made for a perfect little afternoon jog. We got there just in time for an hour-long Pilates class, and by the end of the stretch sesh, we felt totally ready to take on the pavement again to get home.

So grab your iPhone and map the distance to your gym. Is it close enough to run or walk to? If so, by the time you get in your car, battle traffic, and find a parking spot, you’ve already wasted valuable time that you could have used to get that heart pumping! Give yourself just enough time to run there before your favorite classes and you’ll feel super accomplished with your well-rounded workout.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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