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Fit Tip Friday: Easy Peasy Protein

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It’s official: fit and healthy is the new skinny! No more scarfing down lettuce and lemon juice, ladies. Fueling your bod is essential to building the muscles that make you look toned and fabulous. That’s where protein comes in.

2013 John Peel Alternative Training LA We chatted with John Peel, training professional, nutritional expert, and super hottie (oops — did we say that out loud?) to get all the 411 on protein! John gave us all the need-to-know info on why we should be packing in the protein, how much we should aim for, and a few secrets to easily add it in our diets. (We wish he gave us his number too. But we’ll stick with the nutrition tips for now!)

We’ve all heard that eating enough protein is important, but why is that?
Protein is a macronutrient, which means our body needs an abundance of it. Protein is vital in so many different aspects of our body which most people don’t think about. Our hair and nails are made of protein, and the enzymes within protein help to repair them. Protein is perhaps most well-known as the building block of our muscles.

Exactly how much protein should we aim for in our diet?
It is hard to put a number on the amount of protein we need because it differs and changes as we get older. The amount also differs between men and women, since men need more. Most men need 50-60 grams per day, whereas women need about 40-50 grams per day. As a percentage, we should be getting no less than 10% of our calories and no more than 35% of our calories from protein.

Sometimes we get crazy busy. What are some easy ways to get our protein without having to roast a chicken?
One of my favorite sources of protein when I’m on the move and don’t have time to cook a proper meal is usually a handful of almonds or a low-calorie protein shake mixed with water and about 20 grams of protein. Another alternative I have recently been introduced to (and is such an easy, yet delicious, snack) is ips All Natural. Ips are made with egg white protein, and pack a quick 7 grams of protein per serving which really helps when I need some quick fuel.

What about days when we just take a yoga class? Do we still need to be eating the same amount of protein as a day of full cardio or weights?
The amount of protein you need, whether it is an “on day” or “off day,” should not fluctuate. We should always eat a stable, consistent amount. Our body needs protein to build and maintain at all times. So whether we are training or relaxing, the right amount of protein every day should never fluctuate too much.

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