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Fit Tip Friday: A Desk Above the Rest

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Let us guess…you’re probably sitting right now. Maybe you’re at work, maybe you’re at your home office, either way, your booty is likely hugging a chair right now. Yep, with long working hours and long commutes, our ass is flattened day by day, and we won’t stand for it anymore! (Or will we?)

We just stumbled upon an uh-mazing version of the standing desk. (Yep, that contraption that your pretentious co-worker bought and used for two weeks before realizing that nine hours on her feet was unbearable.) The Stir Kinetic desk is the same idea, but comes with retractable legs that lower the desk to sitting height whenever you need a break. Genius!

This Wifi- and Bluetooth-equipped desk is super smart, and tracks your patterns and activity preferences. In “active mode” it gently rises to match your standing height to encourage you get off your seat and onto your feet! In fact, a touchscreen on the corner of the desktop keeps count of the extra calories you’ve burned as you stand and sit.

So what do you think? Would you use one of these Stir Kinetic desks to get a daily boost? Or are you perfectly happy staying seated?

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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Julie Yant
Julie Yant

Yes! I use a stand up desk & stand in most meetings. Some people think I'm crazy but it's okay :) #teamhealth