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Fit Tip Friday: Chatting with MizFit

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Have you ever seen one of those super fit women walking around and thought to yourself, “Hmm, that sneaky bitch. She must have all the secrets to getting a rockin’ bod and she’s just keeping them to herself!”

Well we have found the anti-“fit bitch”; Carla Birnberg, aka MizFit! The mom, writer, and award-winning personal trainer shares all of her tips and tricks to getting and staying fit on her blog, MizFitOnline. From her inspirational personal anecdotes to clever ideas to motivate yourself, it is clear that Carla truly cares about helping her readers succeed at whatever their goal is. We caught up with MizFit herself to chat about her new eBook and more!

Your eBook, MizFit: How to Build Muscle and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind is a guide to some of the toughest parts of getting fit — getting started, staying motivated, eating right. What type of reader did you have in mind when writing the ebook?
Quite frankly: everyone. Even though I was once a personal trainer and owned a boutique training studio, my book isn’t prescriptive (how many specific sets, reps etc. to do). I offer specific workout tips, but more importantly I address the notion of mind over muscle. I focus on how we can set ourselves up for healthy living success. I chat about finding our training mojo on the days when we want nothing more than to skip a workout. I share my tricks for how I’ve maintained my 35-pound weight loss for close to two decades. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a new exerciser, we all need to focus on the mental piece if we want long-term fitness success.

You eat gluten-free and have said that nutrition helped you get back on track with your fitness goals. Do you think a gluten-free diet can benefit everyone?
I definitely do not. I went gluten-free about 19 years ago. I was constantly exhausted. My joints were frequently swollen. I was covered in an itchy rash much of the time. It took me a while (a process I describe in the book), but it finally occurred to me what might be causing my symptoms was what I was eating. Through a process of trial and error I settled upon an approach to food which worked for me. My rashes disappeared. I had more energy than ever before. I had no idea what I’d eliminated was gluten until approximately 14 years later when talk of gluten-free eating became all the rage. Gluten-free eating helped me achieve my goals [and while it] may work for some, I believe we all need to find the approach to food which works for our individual bodies.

What is your favorite gluten-free meal?
I went gluten-free long before there were GF replacements (breads etc). As a result, I muddled through on my own and all my favorite meals tend to be simple, whole foods. Sashimi, veggies, brown rice equals heaven to me.

Looking at your ripped bod, people might assume that you work out for hours a day. How much time do you actually put in at the gym?
When I began my journey I started with a bunch of girlfriends. My friends all lost weight far faster than I and 99% of them have regained every pound plus a few more. I credit all of this to two key notions: consistency and no fits and starts. My friends spent a couple of hours each day in the gym in comparison to my 30 or 40 minutes. I decided then (one of the best decisions I’ve ever made) I needed to set myself up on a workout routine I could sustain for life. Through a career, marriage, children, and growing older.

My short but frequent workout routine (addressed in the book) facilitated my weight loss, but in a slower, more sustainable fashion than my friends’ approaches.
I’ve maintained this same approach for close to two decades where most of my friends have had their longer duration routine disrupted by the addition of life responsibilities.

In addition to my ‘short but consistent’ approach to fitness is the notion of zero fits and starts. I set myself up for success with my workout and healthy eating routine. I’ve never gotten off my path. Sure I’ve taken breaks from exercise and yes I have days where my mindful eating takes a turn I’d not anticipated. No I’ve never thrown in the towel and given up. In my opinion it’s the fits and starts that hurt us the most both physically (in our appearance) and mentally (in causing us to view ourselves as failures).

Alright, we’re going to download your eBook on our Kindle right now! But how do you feel about reading while working out (ie. on a stationary bike)? Is that a do or a don’t?

I do not love cardio. I do my cardio. It takes me books, trashy magazines, the internet, tweeting, texting friends, television, etc. to get through it.
I always say “do what you have to to get through — just do the workout!”

What is the biggest thing that you hope readers will take away from your eBook?
Healthy living is simple. It’s a little bit, every single day, consistently till you’re dead. It horrifies my husband each time I say that (the death piece), but it’s true. Get up, do your best, fit fitness in as much as you can, make as many healthy choices as you can, go to bed and simply get up and do it again the next day. And be kind to yourself. When the goal is to live a consistently healthy, mindful life, no one day matters any more than any other. Simply get up and try again.

xx, The FabFitFun Team

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